Software Consultancy

We offer advice and support to business who run software development. Our consultants can provide a springboard for in-house software projects.

Software Design

Software design is business led, and no two businesses are the same.

Taking an idea and turning it into a design which is scalable, reliable and extensible is a core part of our consultancy offering. Our consultants have a depth of experience in software design for web applications, business services, web services, B2B SOA based applications, database integration and real time data processing. We combine industry standard design patterns with business process analysis to ensure that your software fits with and adds to your business.

Project Methodology and Management

Running a software project is complex. We run our own projects using a Scrum methodology. We can package up the skills and experience gained from running our own projects and transfer these to you, be that through presentations, workshops or in-project, on-site consultancy to get you up and running.

Requirements Analysis

We are skilled in taking ideas and distilling them into a discrete set of requirements which can be used as the basis for a project.

Please contact us if you are interested.